Wednesday, March 30, 2005

MS Excel: Not only sort data in a column but also in the rows

Click a cell of the row you want to sort horizontally.

Select Sort from the Data menu.

In the Sort dialog box, click on the Options.

In the Sort Options dialog box, click on Sort Left to Right, then click OK.

Back in the Sort dialog box, go to the Sort By combo box and select a row to sort, and also select the direction (ascending or descending).

You can select additional rows by going to the boxes.

Click OK.
Yu Hooo!!! Excel sorts the row horizontally.

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babycody said...

You can add one more trick to this by creating a custom list. Tools>Options Custom Lists tab. Create a list of your column headers in the order that you would like your data sorted. Now go back to Data>Sort and at the bottom of the dialogue box select the options button. From the First key sort order drop down list choose the custom list that you created. Put a tic next to Sort left to right and click on OK. Now your columns are sorted in the order that you created your list.