Tuesday, March 29, 2005

MS Excel: Get Summary Calculations on the Fly

As a busy executive, you are presented with lots of data in MS Excel format. Though you know the formulas to calculate and find results, but it is just a waste of time to write formula to see what the sum of particular range is or which is the highest value or lowest value or may be the average.
While looking at the spreadsheet, you can do the following to improve your analysis capabilities or effectively respond to one off questions which keeps coming up during meetings:

1. From the menu option, select View, and check the status bar.

2. This action will start showing you status bar at the bottom of spreadsheet.

3. Select the range of data you wish to analyze, and you will see on the status bar, Sum= 100 or whatever is the sum of the range selected (By default, excel is set to show Sum).

4. Right click on status bar, and you will see options like Average, Count, Count Nums, Max, Min and Sum. Select any one and see the result on status bar.

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