Friday, March 25, 2005

MS Excel: Always show full menu

Turn off the frequently used menu option and always use full menu option during your learning process of MS Excel and remember, learning is a continuous process and you are always learning. So make the full menu option as a regular option for you.
MS Excel only shows you frequently used menu under each tab and then, if you wish to use something other than shown in the menu, you have to go to that expand sign to see full menu:

This is frustrating, especially when you are learning. How are you suppose to know, what is hidden under that magic expand sign. I always prefer to keep full menu on.
To do this, it is a very simple two step process:

Step 1: Go to Tools, find out Customize and click:

Now, you will see something like this:

Step 2: Click on Options tab and select, always show full menus, close and you are done.

Now, every time you click on a menu, you will see full menu. Remember, by doing this on MS Excel, your all other MS Office programs like MS Words etc. will also show full menu items and it is not possible to avoid this. But who cares, it is always good to keep full menu in view irrespective of program you are using.

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