Monday, November 22, 2004

MS Excel: Data Selection

Move entire columns: Highlight the column letters. Hold down the Shift key. Drag.

Move entire rows: Highlight the row numbers. Hold down the Shift key. Drag.

Data selection of multiple areas: Press the Control key while using the mouse to select multiple cells, data ranges, columns, rows, or worksheet tabs.

Modify the area of a selected range: If you use the mouse to highlight a range of too many or too few cells, use the Shift and Arrow keys to modify your selection.

To select a single column: Put the cursor in the column then control-spacebar, or click on the column letter.

To select a single row: Put the cursor in the row then shift-spacebar, or click on the number.

To select the entire worksheet: Control A or click on the blank cell in upper left corner.

To select a range: Click the cell in the upper left corner. Hold down the shift key. Click the opposite corner.

To select multiple ranges: Press Control then repeat the above procedure in another area.

To select all worksheets: Right click on any tab and choose Select All Sheets.

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